Watch Jamming
S3 Workshop présente

Watch Jamming

13 octobre 2017
19h00 / Entrée: 10h00

Room 202A, 2/F, Kai Wong Commercial Building, 222 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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S3 are passionate in finding your own space, self and senses. Time spend with close family and friends are luxurious moment that needs to be captured. Watch jamming is a session where these moments can be capture onto a time piece.

Like art jamming, art piece is place on to the dial of a watch then locked away and placed onto your wrist. There are three decoration methods to select from:

-  Acrylic paint

- Dry flower decoration

- Crystal decoration

Material include

We will provide all tools and material required for the watch dial decorations and watch assembly.

A complete assembled Japanese quartz watch with your design to take home