March Inn Music Festival 2019
A Flat Production presents

March Inn Music Festival 2019

March 3rd 2019
1:00 pm – 11:00 pm / Doors: 12:00 pm

35 Aberdeen St., Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
For more information about this event, please contact A Flat Production at or at +852 6278 6727.

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March INN is an ‘Indoor’ music festival promoting music from different ethnic and multi-cultural aspect. March INN’ is a virtual home for different tenants (bands) from all over the world to gather.

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March INN is an ‘Indoor’ music festival promoting music from different ethnic and multi-cultural aspect. March INN’ is a virtual home for different tenants (bands) from all over the world to gather.


KOLOR is a rock band in Hong Kong. It was composed in 2005 by the vocal Sammy So , guitarist Robin Law , bass guitarist Sing Tse and drummer Michael Chu. They started playing rock and new metal at the beginning.

The name of the Kolor is taken from "Color", which means "color". They believe that the understanding of music and a painter paint a picture in different colors to express their thoughts and feelings. Therefore, their music will be constructed with different musical elements, seeking new changes.

Jing Wong 黃靖

Genre :Folk/ Book Rock
Jing Wong graduated as a Theatre Designer and Director in London's Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design with First Honours, Jing Wong has honed his music style- “Book Rock” by rich music influences in London from Blues to Folk to Rock, but his main influences are Folk singer-song writers like Nick Drake and Damien Rice and recently Rock bands like White Stripes and Black Keys. He was the opening act for Belle & Sebastian, Kings of Convenience and Andrew Bird in their tour to Hong Kong, and played the main stage at Music Festivals such as the Clockenflap, Wow and Flutter and Freespace in West Kowloon promenade. He was also invited to play in Adelaide's OZAsia Festival in 2016, Zandari Festival and PAMS festival in Seoul 2017. He was signed to People Mountain People Sea and released his first live album + EP in December 2012.His song ‘You are in everything I do’ was the theme song of film director Heiward Mak’s “EX”, and ‘Through the dark glass’ also appeared in multiple award winning film director Ann Hui ‘s movie “ALL ABOUT LOVE”.He has toured 30 cities in China in and has just released one english and one chinese EP ‘How to Disappear’ and ‘生活的小偷’ in 2015 under his own independent label Mr Nightingale.In 2017, Jing Wong joined Frenzi Music and released his forth EP "Travelling in Youth". His project in Nov 2018 was a series of solo theatre concert and the launch of an English album, both named "A Spy in the House of Love".


Haru Nemuri is a Japanese singer-songwriter and poetry rapper. She began her music career as a player of synthesizers in a band when she was 17 years old, and she suddenly began to perform as a poetry rapper at the age of 21. Since then, she has been Haru Nemuri and called herself as the singing ultimate weapon.

After a few month beginning her career as Haru Nemuri, she performed at a Japanese summer music festival "BAYCAMP2016" as an opening act in September of 2016 even though she didn't release her official works. She released her debut mini album "Sayonara Youthphobia" in October of 2016. She did her first solo concert which was sold out three months later from her debut and performed at many different music festivals and concerts in the winter of 2016.

And she has worked with energy. For example, she made tracks for other musicians, and she sang in some songs of other musicians as a guest rapper. In March of 2017 she released a CD on which her remix songs was recorded. And a year from beginning of Haru Nemuri's career, she released her second mini album "Atom Heart Mother" in June of 2017. This work was chosen as "Tower-recommen", which store staffs of CD shop "Tower Records" chose some good works from new release CDs every month. Just in that summer, she performed at a famous Japanese music festival "ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2017" because she won the audition, and did at other festivals as well.

Furthermore, she composed for a movie ";the eternal/spring" in which a Japanese actress Haruka Imou played the lead in August of 2017. And a month later Haru Nemuri released a single CD "Hello@New World / Torikobosareta Machikara Ai Wo Komete" which was made by Haru Nemuri and Mariko Goto. In the milestone of a year from her debut, she did second solo concert at a hall "Musashino Koukaidou" in Kichijoji, Tokyo. This was the first concert at a hall for her. She was on Web CM of "Moi Lip" which was a medical lip cream made by Shiseido in November of 2017, and she sang and wrote lyrics for the song of that CM.

From December of 2017 to February of 2018 she did a concert which she planned every months, she named this three concerts "Fuyu No Daisankaku". In January of 2018 she did her third solo concert. In addition, she began her career as a composer from 2018. She composed a song "Last Romance" for Tokyo Joshiryu which was an idol group belonging to Avex Management. Haru Nemuri's music is Japanese pop songs for the new generation, and the heart of her music is rock'n'roll.

後藤まりこ - Mariko Goto / 510mariko

DJ510mariko career started with the band Usagi (うさぎ), where she served as vocalist and guitarist. After it broke up in 2003, she joined punk jazz group Midori together with Usagi's bassist, Yoshifumi Kuwano. Midori released three full-length albums, five EPs, and a single. After its dissolution, Gotō focused on her solo career as a musician, as well as a stage, film, and television drama actress. In 2013, she provided vocals and lyrics for the opening song of the anime 'Flowers of Evil' which is titled "宇宙人". Her song "Sound of Me" was used as the ending theme of the drama Taberu Dake, where she played the lead role. Started from last year, Gotō performs her solo act as DJ510MARIKO, turning into a genre of heavy electronic and noise pop.

The Red Stripes

The Red Stripes are Hong Kong’s premier Ska/ Mod band and have been playing to packed audiences all over Asia. Their brand of party Ska with flavours of the 2 Tone era features a full 11- piece band and hail originally from the UK, Canada and Australia. Over the past three years they have played festivals and shows around Asia including ‘Modswing’ Singapore, Semarang Ska Festival (with Mr. Symarip), Taiwan Festival of Ska and 2 Tone, Taipei, ‘Jam the UK’, Tokyo and the massive Kuala Lumpur Ska Festival. In August 2017 they played as the backing band for Original Rudeboy of The Specials Neville Staple at the Hong Kong International Reggae Ska Festival.

In 2014 they played at the hugely popular Clockenflap festival in Hong Kong with the son of the legend Prince Buster, Sultan Ali, playing a full set of his father’s classics to thousands. In 2016 they performed with original Ska creators The Skatalites, to a sellout Hong Kong crowd. Recently they have supported the legendary Godfather of Dancehall Johnny Osbourne in the city.

After releasing their first two singles ‘OK La!’ and ‘Jamie Vardy’ to international airplay and critical acclaim, they began working on their debut 10 track album 'In The Ska East', recorded at Billboard Studios, Central, Hong Kong with legendary Ska vocalist, writer and producer Sean ‘Cavo’ Dinsmore’ from New York's third wave Ska band The Toasters at the helm. The album also features special guest vocals from The Specials original frontman Neville Staple. It was featured in 'Do The Dog' Skazines finest Ska albums of 2017. Released in December 2017 the album is available through passionate Ska distributors around the world.

話梅鹿 - Prune Deer

Prune Deer is formed in 2013, music style altered to Post/Math rock after the drop out of vocalist.

With the release of albums “Solid Transparency" and “Chemistry” in 2015 and 2018, Prune Deer has gained increasing popularity through performances in Asian districts including China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Also making constant presence in various music festivals such as Clockenflap, wow and flutter, Wake Up Festival.

Andy is typing...

Andy is typing… is an alternative rock band originated from Hong Kong. Members include Andy (Bassist) , Kelvin (Percussionist/Drummer) , J.K.Y. (Vocal/Guitarist) and Manping (Lead Guitarist). Their first single "Take a Break", released in 2017, claimed positive critics from music fans. They have been touring in Asian countries including China, Taiwan and Japan. They also participated in popular music festivals such as Wow and Flutter, Midi Festival , Wake Up Festival, etc.


Genre - World

ReOrientate is a Hong Kong based collective of international award-winning artists developing interactive VR, AI and cognitive illusions to irresistibly relate musical languages across space and time. Captivating, acclaimed, mind-bending live performances challenge cultures old and new, east and west.

ReOrientate performers simultaneously create music through movement in both virtual reality and physical reality, visible to all. Movements in virtual reality are translated by AI into riffs that seem physically impossible. In parallel, movements in physical reality are translated by acoustics into riffs that seem virtually impossible — creating a hypnotic dance connecting realities from cutting-edge virtual space gestures to raw physical percussive flamenco gestures.

Music is language — cognitively, evolutionarily and neurologically. This emerges organically from ReOrientate's spellbinding conversation between four modes — of VR movement languages, Chinese instrumental languages, multilingual song languages, gypsy dance languages — across silk road, oceanic, and new world traditions. The premiere performance and accompanying talk explore how this uniquely and universally defines the reality of what it means to be human.

ReOrientate and its creator, Debrett's “100 most influential people of Hong Kong” honoree De Kai, feature at TEDx events in Hong Kong, Beijing, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Europe and the US, and at many international events including Clockenflap, World Economic Forum, Freespace, WOMEX, Detour, Burning Man, Shenzhen Biennale, Singularity University and Art Basel.

超能天氣 Chonotenki

We formed Chonotenki in 2016; the band consists of Jordan on vocals, Wes the guitarist, Scottie our bassist and Allen the drummer. Chonotenki literally means “super happy-go-lucky” and embodies our enthusiasm for life and our passion for music. We are all very different but were brought together by a perfect climate. We want to bring our quirky and funky music to the Hong Kong band scene and brighten people’s rainy days with our super happy-go-lucky sound.