Festive Holidays 2019
Hong Kong Chamber Flutes presents

Festive Holidays 2019

December 29th 2019
3:30 pm – 4:45 pm / Doors: 3:15 pm

11/F, Gemstar Tower, 23 Lok Man Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong
For more information about this event, please contact Hong Kong Chamber Flutes at info@hkchamberflutes.org.

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Hong Kong Chamber Flutes

Hong Kong Chamber Flutes is a flute ensemble comprised of both professional and amateur players. We aim to create an interest in original compositions and arrangements for flute ensemble. Our mission is to provide a platform to perform for adult flutists of all ability levels and to encourage them to continue to improve and participate in their chosen instrument. We also provide an atmosphere of interaction between adults of various careers but an interest in and a love for the flute. Also, we aim to acquaint our members and audiences with the concept of a flute ensemble with its diverse musical colors, instrumentation, and unique repertoire. 香港長笛室樂團是由專業長笛演奏家及業餘長笛愛好者所組成。我們致力推廣長笛樂團音樂,包括原創作品及其他改編樂章,令團員及觀眾能對長笛樂團多元化的音色,多變的組合,以及獨特樂章等概念,有更深入的認識及一番新體會。 我們的目標是為不同程度的團員提供表演機會,從而提升他們的音樂造詣。與此同時,也讓來自不同行業的團員享有一個分享長笛及音樂資訊的交流平台,亦希望為聽眾帶來傳統與創新兼備的多元素音樂。 www.hkchamberflutes.org